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Hair Transplant Techniques

It may be called as hair root (graft) transplantation basically. The hair transplantation is a procedure at which the hair roots to be taken from the areas where the hair is dense (from nape and side parts) will be transplanted into the areas where the hair roots are thinner. Today so many people may come across with hair loss and baldness problems. So many different factors may lead to this situation and sometimes this situation may reach disturbing dimensions for the individuals who are willing to maintain their life with a healthy appearance.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Nonsurgical Hair Transplantation: the hairs are taken from a little above the nape area between two ears in the Fue method. The hairs are taken one by one form this area with the tools having a tip 0,6-0,7-0,8 mm dimensions that is called as punch. The hair number within the taken grafts may be 2 or 3-4. With this method, hair transplantation up to 5000 graft (averagely 15000 and 20000 hair strands) may be done. Also thanks to this method, 2nd or 3rd sessions may be done if need; but of course if his/her who will have transplantation is enough. Average transplantation period varies in accordance with the bigness of the area at which transplantation will be done. If the area at which hair transplantation will be done is big, it will take approximately 8-10 hours and if it is small, it will take 5-7 hours.

Techniques we use in hair transplantation

  • DHI Fue Technique
  • Sapphire Fue Technique

DHI FUE hair transplant technique

  • No stitches or cuts required
  • The time for hair follicles to stand out is minimal
  • Hair follicles are taken and transplanted without the need to open canals, and special devices such as kal implanter or choi kal are used.
  • Reduced hair follicles are transplanted without damage
  • Fast recovery compared to other techniques
  • More hair transplantation possibilities per centimeter
  • Mesotherapy treatment for the moment and after the operation
  • Consultation service before and after the operation
  • Pharmaceutical and care products service after the operation
  • Lifetime warranty

Sapphire FUE hair transplant technique

  • One of the newest methods
  • A precious stone called sapphire is used
  • Minimum deformation possibility
  • More density possibilities
  • Fast recovery process
  • Quality grafts
  • Mesotherapy treatment for the moment and after the operation
  • Consultation service before and after the operation
  • Pharmaceutical and care products service after the operation
  • Lifetime warranty


The hair transplantation operation may be done to everybody without making discrimination as women or men primarily who are healthy and experience a men type hair loss problem. As well as that, it is necessary that the donor (the area from which hair roots are taken) of the person will be fertile. At the same time, the people who had a trauma on the scalp and who had a burn scar after an accident provided that it is controlled whether there is a blood circulation or not may be applied hair transplantation operation and also hair transplantation may be applied in the cases the hair losses (Traction alopesisi) that may occur due to excessive regression of the hair and regional hair losses that may occur due to a previous infection.


We use expressions such as straight or curly, thin or thick, dry or oily hair when we talk about our hair. In fact, our hair has some different characteristics other than these ones that we are not able to directly recognize. With the hair analysis, graft of the hair, quality of the hair roots, density of the hair, elasticity of the hair, pores and skin texture may be examined.

Thanks to this detailed examination done on the hair, you may have opinion about your hair and scalp. Thanks to the hair analysis examination, we give right information concerning to that what you will do after that.

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