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Beard and Moustache


How it is important for the men that the hair is healthy and good looking, beard and moustache also carry the same importance in terms of self-confidence and outlook. Pursuant to the statistical figures of International Association of Surgery in 2008, it was observed that the demand to beard and moustache in Turkey and nearby geography had been increased at the rate of 110% with the increase of information of the people concerning to hair transplantation.

The treatment of growing new hair at the hairless areas of the beard and moustache has not been still available. Therefore the best method is transplantation method.


The tissue of the beard, its hair quality and density is only under the control of gens. After reaching the puberty period, the beard hairs take the form of terminal, rough, long and pigment through thickening for 3 years. Unless there is an important change on the puberty hormone levels, the beard hair protects this characteristic.

The beard and moustache loss may occur depending on serious diseases such as autoimmune diseases. Except that, the most important table is formed by the hormone imbalances. If the testosterone (androgen) is decrease to the threshold level in the men, this needs to be immediately taken under control. The beard loss may occur at this disease such as called as Alopecia areta.


The beard transplantation may be done when the hormones has been placed to the basal level since 20-22 ages. The beardless or thinness or scattered beard is among the transplantations that is most n demand. Also the men who are willing to grow their whiskers and likes two days beard appearance but whose beards grow less or whose beard hairs are irregular may prefer this procedure. The men who have partial beardless areas may also have this transplantation.


Everybody who has hair shaft may be done beard moustache transplantation. The transplantation is done by taking hair roots from the thin region above the nape area between two ears or from the area over the ears. As the hair transplantation, FUE method is used in beard and moustache transplantation. After the beard and moustache transplantation, there will be no scar on the nape and face. There will a dark red appearance on the transplanted area immediately after the transplantation but this appearance is cleaned at the first washing. A serious pain or ache is not expected after the transplantation.

After eight and ten weeks after the transplantation, the result starts to reveal itself. It is impossible to distinguish the hair root transplanted to the beard and moustache from the available beard.


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